single level certification programme
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The Benefits

  • Membership fees are fixed for the first three years. No confusing graduated fee structures calculated on the size and turnover of your business.
  • The Rata Programme is run by professionals with a strong focus on member value.
  • It is a high-quality certification programme that is designed to recognise and meet business demands and needs.
  • Everyone from the business owners to the staff are encouraged to be involved in the programme. This creates a team environment helping to change business culture, driving positive change, rewarding successes, which all go towards achieving certification.
  • Professional advice is available, assisting under resourced businesses and their owners to identify and implement sustainable solutions, in order to achieve certification.
  • Network with other Rata members to promote your business to the wider New Zealand business community.
  • Proceeding through the programme and obtaining certification will add value to your business, by achieving improved efficiency, reducing waste and improve your bottom-line through cost savings.