We audit your supply chain, so you manage with facts, not hopeful assumptions.

Is your supply chain up to standard?

What do you know about the quality of your supply chain? Are you confident you really know how resilient, ethical and sustainable it is? Or are there knowledge gaps that make you nervous when you look closely? Or you don’t know, and you aren’t sure how to address these concerns with your suppliers?

How do you demonstrate the qualities of your supply chain to your customers and to your employees? Or to your suppliers, so they are willing and happy to work with you?

Is it important to your customers that your standards match or exceed theirs? Would your customers like to know that everything your marketing claims about your supply chain and your products, has been verified by an independent third-party specialist?

We’re happy to share our expertise too. Not only can we audit and certify your supply chain, but we are also happy to train your employees and certify both their expertise and your organisation’s standards.

Real sustainability isn’t about planting a few trees to make up for dubious behaviour, it’s about a culture that values your people, your customers, and your suppliers; that treats them with intelligence and respect. And reaps the benefits that genuine business ethics deliver.

If you think ethics and sustainability are important in business today, we should talk. We’re specialists in auditing supply chains and providing independent proof that you’re every bit as well behaved in private as you claim to be in public.

Supply Chain Auditing

Show your customers, your suppliers and your employees that you’re serious about having a sustainable, ethical supply chain. Get an independent third-party audit from Rata Certification.

Employee Training

Share the knowledge! We offer training in supply chain auditing and in sustainable business practices. Get your employees trained and certified – your customers, suppliers and business will thank you for it.

Certification & Training

Get your organisation certified as ethical and sustainable. Enjoy the benefits of a green chain of custody – no more wondering about green-washing…

“They keep their promises and actually care…”

“Rata has always impressed me with their commitment to create positive change in the business community. From when I first met them when I was CEO at HRNZ to now, I have always had complete trust in them because of their strong ethics. They keep their promises and actually care about our fellow human beings and the planet we all live on.”

Chris Till, Human Resources Manager, Clutha District Council