Sustainable Certification & Training

The Rata Sustainable Certification has been developed and tested in the New Zealand marketplace for the past six years. It is for organisations that want independent, third-party certification from a neutral authority.

Rata encourages organisations to consider business sustainability certification as an investment, not a cost. Investing in sustainability practices provides opportunities to improve performance across all areas within the organisation.

The Rata Certification programme is a single-level programme with four key requirements — each is critical to an organisation to achieve sustainable business certification. Certification from a neutral authority that removes the doubt factor, provides credibility to an organisation’s sustainability claims.

For organisations that are just starting on their sustainability journey, Rata has developed a comprehensive toolkit to help them through the certification process.

The Rata certification programme is realistic and relevant to New Zealand organisations and employees, and provides a clear path to sustainable business practices.

– Rata Certification is neutral and independent
– It removes doubt and promotes confidence for existing customers
– It promotes credibility to prospective clients
– It helps protect consumers from myths, misconceptions, and misleading information

Staff Meeting

Your organisation won’t realise the total value of Rata certification if you don’t also invest in training your employees.

Trained employees are the bedrock of your long-term sustainability success. Employees appreciate your investment in them, which boosts morale and benefits your organisational culture. And that’s not New-Age mumbo jumbo – that’s backed up by multiple research programmes – that we are always happy to discuss.

Training ranges from introductory 90-minute presentations to more extensive multiple-skill modules, depending on employee role and function. These can be customised to meet your specific organisational needs.

Get in touch and we can discuss what will help your organisation and team best.

will form a solid foundation for future generations…”

“Finding passionate organisations who believe that what they do today will form a solid foundation for future generations to build upon are exactly the people and organisations we want to be associated with. There is no perfect solution nor person when we strive towards implementing sustainable business practices into our lives. Rata is passionately forging collaborative relationships with like-minded businesses who want to do better than past generations exploring how to better use our vast resources wisely.”

Dean Martin, National Sales Manager OJIFS