What our clients say about us

In our own minds we think we’re perfect. Sometimes others agree, sometimes they don’t. So we thought we’d step back and let our clients tell you what they really think of us.

“I believe that people are the reason for work, and they always work for a reason. Work will fail without the people or the business being healthy, committed, engaged, and safe. People are our business, and our business should be our ‘people’. Working with Rata allows involvement in constructive thinking and the chance to influence business around sustainable workplaces built on the back of putting people everywhere and at the ‘centre of everything.’ An ethical, sustainable business requires all people it interacts with to be able to observe the behaviours and actions that underpin that. Rata can help start this process to move people and business, with education, discussions, plus the focus on building a better understanding and I want to be part of that.”

Steve Symonds

People and Culture Manager, Precision Group

“We believed quite strongly that there are a lot of businesses out there globally, saying they do things. Whether it’s about the fact that their product is the best, or about their sustainable practices.

However, it’s very easy to say stuff – proving it is a different matter. To get an independent body to confirm that standards have been met is a lot harder and keeps you honest. As a well-known tea company … for our own credibility, it was important. I also think that’s one of the other things about Rata – there’s a flexibility to allow us to choose what is best for our business. Rata appreciates that we’re the experts in tea and coffee sourcing and we will find what is best for the business and for our suppliers.”

Jessica Ambler

Marketing Manager, Brew Group (formally – Bell Tea Coffee Company)

“Rata helps me and my leadership team to work behind the scenes at Capital City Motors to find ways to create a better work culture which encourages our people to have a healthy work-life balance. This enables our staff to operate consistently at an optimum level – because happy staff, in turn, delivers great customer experiences.”

Matthew Carman

Chief Executive/Dealer Principal, Capital City Motors

“Values and ethics in business is a challenging subject and one that organisations wrestle with. Attending a recent workshop allowed me to take a moment to stop, think and reflect on what’s important to me and how that overlaps with the values and ethics of the business. Having such time to stop and think is invaluable.”

Jon Lambert

Head of Safety, Wellbeing & Capability, The New Zealand King Salmon Co Ltd

“We applaud Rata’s initiative to highlight the sustainability efforts of New Zealand businesses which includes ethics and well-being of staff. Their focus on sustainability reflects our own commitment and therefore, is a natural fit.”

Jeremy Tunks

General Manager, Training, Safety & People, InZone Industries Limited

“Rata is extremely passionate about making a difference. I encountered Rata years ago when they were running breakfast seminars with inspirational topics. I was speaking on kindness in the workplace, and little did I know I was in the presence of other kind souls on a mission to help lift and support small businesses.”

Melissa Crawford

Director, Tech With Heart