How we work

Working with Rata is easy because we want the same thing that you do – a transparent, verified, ethical supply chain. Achieving that can sometimes be complex, especially with imported goods, but we do our best to make sure it’s never complicated.

Ensuring your supply chain is up to standard isn’t hard. It’s a methodical process with clear steps and plenty of signposts along the way. And it certainly helps if you’ve been down this road before. We have.

We’ve spent the last 10 years working with people and companies to help them verify their supply chain is genuinely sustainable, not just some “lightly green-washed” marketing BS.

There’s no risk and there’s no cost to get started, other than a little of your valuable time. We appreciate time in business is always in short supply, so we don’t waste yours or ours.

We invite you to call or email us to schedule a time for a 30-minute discussion on your supply chain challenges.

One thing we can promise: It doesn’t all happen at once. Shifting to sustainability is a process and a journey. But regardless of where you are and where you want to go, we are committed to working with you.

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At its simplest level, the process is:

  • You talk, we listen.
  • We understand your strengths and where you’d like to be stronger.
  • We make some suggestions about how we can get started working together, which could include:
      • A full supply chain audit
      • Introductory training on what is a sustainable culture
      • Why your staff is your single most important asset
      • Staff training & certification
      • Us certifying your entire organisation
      • Or a customised programme tailored to your exact requirements

Our research tells us…

The first port of call for any business sustainability programme must always be people: Well-looked after, engaged employees are your company’s best asset. We can help you craft the foundations for a sustainable workplace culture that champions your people, values your customers, and supports your suppliers.

Greenwashing is a fast ticket to decline: Can you verify your marketing claims about employee wellbeing, supply chain practices, products, or services? Knowledge is power; as an independent third-party specialist, we can help you validate your claims and identify further growth opportunities.

Consumers want full product transparency: Can you give it to them? Does your procurement function set agreed standards for the way it operates and what your company expects of your suppliers? A traceable and transparent supply chain makes due diligence possible and allows you to quickly address any behaviours that don’t align with your organisation’s own values and expectations. We can guide you towards a sustainable sourcing framework that gives you, your customers, your consumers, and your suppliers peace of mind.

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“Rata helped us to verify our claims”

“The benefit of being part of the Rata Programme was with our dealings with our business to business clients and how this helped us win and secure supply agreements with various new business partners such as Air New Zealand, Auckland City Council and BP – Wildbean Cafes.

In other words – Rata helped us to verify our claims to new clients and their procurement teams could talk to Rata and have any further questions confirmed, in addition to the Rata audit reports provided to BTCC.”

Mark Hamilton, CEO. Brew Group (formally – Bell Tea Coffee Company)